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Journey forward with Bush Flower Essences
Grounding for Women 
Working though your blocks 
Grounding Workshop (GfMT)  taught by Billie
Homeopathy in every-day life
Teenagers and meditation
Pilates for pelvic floor
Shamanic Journey - the worlds within

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A unique Two and a Half Day


June 21st- 23rd Summer Solstice


We will let you know when Elizabeth comes back to the UK 

2019- This amazing course is now FINISHED!

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River Thames at Eton and Windsor


Friday: 21st June 6 PM-9 PM

Saturday: 22nd June 9 AM-6 PM

Venue : The George Inn, Eton,

Sunday: 23rd June 9 AM- 4 PM

Venue: Riverside Marquee, Bray, Maidenhead, (transport for a short ride from Windsor to Bray can be organised), both venues are in Berkshire

Course Fee: Please note all three meet ups are compulsory as Elizabeth will be giving the Fourth Level energy transmission on Sunday.

Early bird payment: £375 for bookings and payments up to 30th MARCH 2019.

Any time after that: £410. Cancellation rules apply.

Accommodation: Please book accommodation early if you have to stay around Windsor. The George Inn has rooms available. Early booking strongly advised.

Their website is here www.georgeinn-eton.co.uk . More information about Windsor is here https://www.windsor.gov.uk


Food: On Friday and Saturday food can be purchased in The George Inn or anywhere in Eton or Windsor. Please bring your own food to share for Sunday. Tea and biscuits will be provided. Any changes to Sunday arrangements will be published straight away.

Prior knowledge: ‘The Fourth Level’ by Elizabeth Jenkins is prerequisite reading for this course. The book and FREE SOUND FILES are available here


PAYMENTS for the COURSE and bookings are now open via paypal , to secure a PLACE ON THE COURSE please click on the Buy Now button below . Course schedule is below the payment button. Please read for further details.

The course fee is non-returnable unless withdrawal is received 4 weeks prior to the date of the course. In the event of a cancellation before this date a 25% deposit will be retained to cover administration costs and cost per place booking.


Our beautiful venue for the last day. After working with the Thames in Windsor at the Brocas on Saturday, we will move here to finish the course. Elizabeth will be offering her QARPAY here and will be teaching about beautiful MISKAYANI - female principles in the nature. You will learn to work with those. 

 We will spend the day learning, practicing and working with these beautiful energies on the Thames. 

Day one and day two we will be working on the riverbank at Brocas on the Eton side of the Thames, with breathtaking views of the Windsor Castle.

We will enjoy working with beautiful energy of Thames throughout. On the left is the view on the river from Brocas.

Below is the detailed explanation of the course. 

What do people say?

'...Having studied with Juan and Ivan for five years, I always had a desire to know more about the female side of the tradition. Of course when you ask Pachamama, (and when you’re ready for it), you shall receive … then Elizabeth popped up on my radar on social media, and I headed to Greece (and later Italy, Hawaii and Peru) for her workshops. It has been everything I was looking for and more … and even some of that stuff that I wasn't looking for too! There is no escaping yourself - (or Elizabeth) when you come to her teachings. '


June 2019, Summer Solstice 

Learn knowledge as taught by : Don Manuel Q’espi, Don Humberto Sonqo Q'espi, Doña Bernardina Apaza Flores, Don Martin Q’espi Machaca, Don Lorenzo Ccapa Apaza, and the Ñust’a Paqos team: Doña Augustina, Doña Rosita, Doña Monica, Doña Marcusa, the female power Apus of Peru, and Miskaiyani.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a unique opportunity to work with Elizabeth for two and a half days and qualify for her healers course. This foundation course is not offered anywhere else in Europe.


In the Friday evening introductory evening, Elizabeth will detail what propelled her on her Andean Path of adventure, provide an introduction to the WORLD OF LIVING ENERGIES as defined by the Andean Masters, and teach two beginning exercises so that participants may have their own personal experiential taste of the practices and their immediate results.

Saturday we will go more in-depth learning the definitions and worldview that accompany practices that will increase your direct connection to Nature. Participants will learn how to cleanse their own energy “bubble” and to receive the “energetic nectars” of Nature directly into their physical body to increase health, happiness, harmony and to give the energetic immune system a boost!

The Inka Energy System, preserved in the architecture of the ancient Inka capital city of Cuzco, Peru, contains the very keys to how one can align with the organic design of Mother Nature to experience belonging, and personal power. If you love Nature you will love this tradition.

Once we have cleansed and fortified your energetic “bubble” you will be prepared to begin the singlemost defining practice of the FOURTH LEVEL,

How to eat and digest, thereby transmuting, the heavy energies that you may come in contact with on a daily basis, in your work, family life, social and societal interactions.

On day 3 Elizabeth will share her latest research regarding the sacred feminine Nature

beings, the myth and magic of MISKAYANI—a Q’ero story of a mystical city of highly evolved female Priestesses—perhaps the Inka version of Avalon, and teachings of collective energetic work. We will complete our 2.5 day seminar with Elizabeth offering her QARPAY-a direct transmission of living energy connecting all participants to the Inka Lineage as well as initiating all participants into the FOURTH LEVEL of the Inka Nature Wisdom Tradition. We will work outside as much as possible, in a highly feminine, intuitive way.

NOTE* The teachings of the Fourth Level promote a philosophy of love, trust, connection and personal empowerment, rather than one of fear, victimization, and separation wherein the individual requires protection.


Shamanism Defined:

A practice by which individuals seek out and establish a connection with the Invisible World and the non-human beings of Nature to effect healing for an individual human, family, group or society.

Where many courses on SHAMANISM teach about the dangers of the spirit world and the need for “Protection” the “Inka Shamanism” of the Andes, when practiced at the Fourth Level, defies this notion, not merely teaching that true bravery and empowerment lies in remaining open in the face of conflict, adversity and struggle, but providing the tools for doing so.

Elizabeth B. Jenkins, MA, INTEGRAL COUNSELING PSYCHOLOGY, 1987 from California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco, CA

1987 to 1988, completed one year of PhD program in Clinical Psychology.

Elizabeth is a world famous authentic renowned teacher & avid keeper of the Inka Tradition of Peru and Bolivia. Best selling author Elizabeth B. Jenkins (MA, MFT) is a psychotherapist and cultural researcher. She has been teaching Inka wisdom since 1992. With the success of her best selling book "The Return of the Inka", she began to travel throughout the world and has trained thousands of people in the Wisdom of the Inka's. The Return of the Inka has now been translated into into 24 languages.

In Summer of 1988 she went to Peru and her real training began as she was initiated into the 3rd level of the Andean Mystical Tradition. In 1992 with her mentor, Juan Nunez del Prado, Elizabeth received the 4th LEVEL INTITIATION. Elizabeth worked intensely with Juan from 1992 to 1999 initiating groups from all over the world in Cuzco, Peru. From 1994 Elizabeth began training directly with the Q’ero Indians of Peru. In 1997 her book THE RETURN OF THE INKA was first released in Italy and became an international bestseller. In 2010 Elizabeth led Discovery Channel’s “Survivorman” Les Stroud and film crew to the Q’ero Villlages to film never-before- seen rituals on their sacred mountain WAMANLIPA, for his show BEYOND SURVIVAL.. Elizabeth subsequently published two more books on the Inka Nature Wisdom tradition; Journey to Q’ero: Golden Cradle of the Inka, and her most recent work, THE FOURTH LEVEL: Nature Wisdom Teachings of the Inka (August 2013)

Elizabeth has spent the last 30 years studying, integrating and helping to develop and translate a psychological model of the ANDEAN COSMOVISION of the INKA NATURE WISDOM TRADITION into modern transpersonal psychology. The Inka tradition provides keys to step into a direct and personal experience of the “KAUSAY PACHA” or ‘world of living energies’ a world formerly relegated to MYSTICS. The Inka’s seven levels of psycho-spiritual development offer a truly holistic worldview and a map of human evolution, complete with framework and steps, to walk a path of personal power and perception based in modern theoretical physics….

This course is guaranteed to turn most of your concepts of reality upside-down!

Nature As Healer

Modern psychology, originally meaning “study of the soul,” has been defined as the science of mind and behavior, focusing on intrapsychic and interpersonal psychodynamics as a means to understand society. The last thirty years of development of transpersonal psychology has brought us two new fields: “ecopsychology” and “energy psychology.” Where science, humanity, and nature meet is described nicely in the term coined by Harvard biologist Edward O Wilson as the “biophilic instinct,” which describes our innate emotional desire to connect with larger living systems as a motivating factor in human evolution. The Andean Mystical tradition supplies a framework of understanding the living energy that relates all human beings to nature and explains nature herself as a cosmic system of living energy. Its ancient spiritual tools that rival modern physics, provide the intimate, personal and direct contact with the living cosmos –responding to our “biophilic instinct” to participate in our own evolution at this time of dramatic change in human history.

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